HELPING CARE FOR BELLA – Assisting Canine Care Case Study
Canine Special Needs

This is a story about one of our clients who utilized our daycare services to help her monitor her dog during its recuperation following a medical emergency.  Although this example illustrates an extreme case, it underscores the need for dog owners to have options for assisted care for their dogs while the owner works and their dog recuperates.


Executive Summary

In 2018, Bella Zbozny, a 7-year-old German shepherd, sustained a spinal stroke and suffered paralysis of her hind quarters.  Her owner, Jennifer, brought Bella to Best Friends Fur EverSM daily for mobility and range of motion exercise with a goal to help Bella regain some functionality in her hind quarters.


Bella’s hind quarters were paralyzed.  Bella needed help to recover strengthen her mobility so that she could stand, cooperate with bathroom functions, and have an active life living with her disability and continuing to be an active member of her family.

How Best Friends Fur Ever Assisted Canine CareSM Helped

A one-on-one exercise regime was determined for Bella and implemented twice daily.  Exercises included range of motion, assisted standing, “squats,” weight bearing, and paw stretching exercises in sequences of 12 to 15 reps per exercise two times per day.


Over time, Bella regained some functionality in her hind quarters and also utilizes a wheelchair for mobility.

Her owner shared the following comments, “I will never go anywhere else for any service I can get here. I have come here for boarding and grooming for both my dogs in the past. Eight days ago, our 7-year-old German shepherd had a spinal stroke which paralyzed her hind legs and tail. The neurologist we saw (who I don’t recommend) told us to put her down. We did not. I called BFFE to see if I could hire someone to check in on my girl while we were at work. Instead, the owner offered me terrific day care, because they are just incredible dog-loving people who knew her medical bills cost many thousands and her rehab would cost yet more. There is nothing in this for them except rehabilitating my girl and they are doing that in spades. She is improving every day, in great part because of all the time they spend doing her exercises, helping her to potty outside, massaging her, taking her out just for some fresh air, and giving her tons of love and attention. It is clear to me that all the staff adores dogs and truly wants our girl to get better, and they’ve taken on the mission of making it happen. I wouldn’t want our girl anywhere else. I am so grateful for Best Friends Fur Ever’s kindness and big heart. If you want peace of mind that your babies are in the best hands, don’t go anywhere else.”


Currently our Assisted Canine Care services are limited to spay and neuter recuperation, post-surgical recuperation, medication administration, diabetic monitoring and similar medical situations.  Services are also available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Not sure if your dog would be a good candidate for our Assisted Canine Care, please call us for more information – Joppa (410) 671-7529 or Cockeysville (410) 773-7529.