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Owner, Best Friends Fur Ever The Best Friends Fur Ever family of dog care facilities provides resort-style daycare and vacations for dogs, by combining home-like amenities and loving attention with recreational activity. Our state-of-the-art properties are custom designed to meet and exceed all kennel industry standards for boarding, grooming, training, and doggie daycare.


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Meet Watson Watson came to FARM in need of a forever home. He is a 1 year old, 12 pound Chihuahua mix. Watson is high energy and will need someone to move slowly with him as he gets used to his new surroundings. Like a typical chihuahua, it will take him some time to acclimate to you and his new environment. An adult only home is preferred. To learn more about me or to schedule a visit click here.

Why Does My Dog Dig?

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Why Does My Dog Dig? Being a dog owner has many blessings and rewards, and to name them is a task that could take hours. However, with all the great joys that owning your dog offers, there are pitfalls that you might want to live without. Among these pitfalls, the biggest annoyance that most dog owners suffer from is the constant digging that their dog does. If you have ever wondered why your dog is digging so much, then the explanation you are searching for could be simpler than you imagine. Here are some of the reasons your dog might [...]

Do Dogs Sweat?

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Normal body temperature for most dogs is between 101 and 102.5 degrees, much higher than the normal average body temperature for humans.  Dogs can't sweat through their skin like humans do, but they do have sweat glands in their paws.  A dog's sweat glands will help to cool them down, but they are not as efficient as human sweat glands, which is why dogs rely on other methods to help them regulate their temperature on warm days. How do dogs regulate their body temperatures? Dog's sweat glands are referred to as merocrine glands and they are located in your pup's [...]

Dog Grooming Tips: How to Maintain Your Dog’s Combination Coat

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Dogs with combination coats, those that have a soft undercoat and a tougher topcoat, need to have their coats brushed and maintained between grooming appointments to prevent matting and to maintain the health of their coat. Sara, one of our wonderful groomers at Best Friends Fur Ever, is here with Echo and a few tips on how you can reduce shedding and keep your pup's double coat well maintained between their professional grooming sessions. For more information about our professional dog grooming services, visit our website at 

7 Reasons to Send Your Dog to Daycare

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As a pup parent, you know how important it is to give your four-legged family member the all the care and attention they need, but sometimes that may not be possible.  If you have a busy schedule like most dog owners, it can be difficult to make sure your pup is getting regular exercise, socialization, and human attention when you’re trying to juggle work, family, and other time-consuming obligations. If this sounds familiar, dog daycare may be an excellent option for you and your pup!  Here are seven reasons why you should consider sending your dog to daycare: Exercise [...]