When working with your puppy, always remember to be safe and sensible. To help give your puppy the best possible learning experiences while protecting them from harm, read and follow our Puppy Socialization Safety Standards.

  • Work closely with your veterinarian and keep your puppy current on his vaccinations.
  • Wait at least seven days after your puppy’s first set of vaccinations before you begin a puppy class or visit a new place.
  • Until your puppy is fully vaccinated, avoid areas where dogs of unknown health and vaccination status go to the bathroom.
  • Only let your puppy interact with other puppies or adult dogs known to be healthy, friendly, and current on their vaccinations.
  • Stay away from dog parks until your puppy is fully vaccinated and at least six months old.
  • Always be ready to remove your puppy from situations that overwhelm them.
  • If your puppy is sick, contact your vet and keep them away from other dogs.

Training Tip: Understanding your puppy’s reactions and body language is key to making a positive and enjoyable first impression. Pay attention to your puppy as you approach unfamiliar people or surroundings. Being aware of your puppy’s comfort level will help not only you but also your puppy. If there is a specific obstacle that your puppy is having trouble with, click here to learn more and to find out how to consult with one of our Best Friends Fur Ever trainers!