If your work demands that you spend long hours away from your pet, if family care responsibilities make it impossible to spend much time with your dog at home, or if your dog is an only pet and would enjoy the chance to play with others, then you are an ideal candidate for dog day care. Most dogs in busy families spend up to 60% of their time alone. This can lead to bad habits like chewing or indoor accidents as well as boredom or separation anxiety. Many dogs benefit from attending daycare three to five times per week where they burn off that excess energy while learning socialization skills with other dogs.

Many families sign up specifically for day care to help solve behavior problems the dog is having at home. Behaviors such as chewing, destroying furniture, digging up the lawn, etc. are often reduced or eliminated entirely when a dog's exercise requirements are met. Dogs can also enroll in our Day-N-Train program to assist with these and many more issues.

No. You can sign up for every day, a few days a week or a few days a month. Daycare passes are available for frequent visitors. Your dog will benefit the most from the daycare experience if they attend at least two days per week. This attendance for a consecutive three months provides the best discount fees as well.

Dog daycare is very similar to a child's daycare center. Between the hours of 7:00 and 8:45 a.m. clients drop their dogs off at our facility and return later in the day to pick them up. A day of daycare allows dogs to socialize with people and other dogs while getting a healthy day of exercise.

Like humans, dogs are social beings and highly benefit from positive interactions with other dogs. Dogs learn social skills as well as receive exercise and enjoyment throughout the day. The mental and physical stimulation your dog receives at daycare allows for a more positive home life. Possible negative behaviors begin to subside with the additional exercise dogs receive as it allows an outlet for pent up energy (instead of that energy eating your couch)!

Breakaway collars are specially designed to release in case a dog accidently were to become stuck on someone or something. The most common scenario would be a dog accidently getting its tooth or paw stuck on a playmate's collars. In this sort of situation, the collars will breakaway reducing the risk of injury. Because of this feature, we do not recommend using a leash with a breakaway collar. Please walk your dog into daycare on an appropriate leash and collar.

Replacement breakaway collars are available for purchase at both locations. We may also have rental breakaway collars available for a small fee.

Both of our facilities have many external play areas for daycare dogs to play in year round. If weather is an issue, we are able to move playtime indoors in our 10,000 square foot temperature controlled play areas.

Both facilities are climate controlled providing a warm place to play in the winter, and a cool air conditioned environment in the summer.

Each play area is fenced with stockade style fencing. With 10 feet in height and digging deterred perimeters, our fences provide safety for all. We ensure safety using a double gate system for all gates that are commonly used. If maintenance gates need to be opened, they are done so only after all dogs are secured indoors. Each maintenance gate has a triple lock system to ensure safety.

Interactive daycare is a much different scenario than that of your home. If your little pug is accustomed to playing with your German Shepherd at home, it would be a completely different scenario if we placed your little guy in with a group of 15 German Shepherds! Due to this fact we separate our dogs first and foremost according to size. The teeny group mainly consists of small dogs (Pugs, Shitzu, Cocker Spaniels, etc. under 20 pounds). The Medium groups consists of puppies (that have outgrown the teeny group) along with medium sized dogs (smaller Labs, Beagles, Goldens, etc.). Our Big group consists of the larger and more play conservative dogs (Newfies, St. Bern, larger Labs, etc.). We also have indoor play areas for your geriatric dog that may need more one on one attention.

We offer play equipment for our dogs to play on. In the warmer months, we also have wading pools and sprinklers for our water loving dogs! We do not have chew toys available when they are playing in group. This is for many reasons including possessive issues. We do not allow toys in a dog's crate or sleeping area due to potential choking hazards. However, we would be glad to provide an owner-supplied toy for any dog scheduled for 1 On 1 time. This is a special 20 minute supervised play session with one of our caring staff. Because these sessions are supervised, dogs are welcome to have a favorite toy from home.

We pride ourselves on cleanliness! Each supervised group has handlers that remove all waste products immediately while on the play field. Any excess debris is removed with hoses and we sanitize each area to assure nothing is left behind. Our maintenance staff cleans the inside of the facility on a daily basis using pressurized water and veterinarian grade cleaning supplies.

We are more than willing to accommodate your requests for virtual tours via our webcams that are viewable Monday through Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. We understand that all of our clients would like a specialized tour, and you are more than welcome to call and see if there are any times or dates available. If there is a tour available, please understand that we reserve the right to cancel the tour. During inclement weather (heat or cold), when pups are playing inside our climate controlled playroom, we make sure they have availability to all the space inside to run and play. It is important for all owners to remember that giving tours is stressful on some of our furry friends and we may not offer tours on days our dogs are playing indoors. We will assure the same stress free environment for all our clients and know all our clients will appreciate the fact that there will be days they cannot tour the inside play area during our indoor play times.

Dogs do very well with routine. Some dogs become stressed when their routines are interrupted or their rest periods are disturbed. Sometimes dogs are unaccustomed to unfamiliar people and become stressed and frightened when strangers come to view them. We promise to give our client's dogs the same love and respect we give our own.

Our interactive play groups are under continual human supervision. Our trained handlers are with the dogs while in-group at all times. During down time (overnight, nap, lunch time, etc.) dogs are situated in their individual crates or runs.

Dogs love to wrestle and play, if the play gets too rough, we separate the dogs in order to teach them what is not appropriate. We have extra staff on the play field that are monitoring play styles and are able to remove a dog that requires a time out. Just like children, dogs typically require multiple time outs for them to realize, "Oops! This behavior earns a time out!" We understand that all dogs should be able to enjoy a safe and happy daycare day, so if a dog is placed into timeout in excess of 3 times, the dog will need to sit out of daycare for the remainder of that session. The owner will be notified and the dog will still have interaction with our staff. Any dog that is required to remain out of playgroup after their third time out will be able to return to group for the following session.

Every pet owner understands the importance of having a veterinarian on call. If one of our daycare or overnight guests gets ill, we will work closely with your veterinarian on file (within driving capabilities). If it is a weekend (or your veterinarian cannot see us), we will use a local vet or animal emergency hospital near us. Both locations are within a 5 minute drive to multiple veterinary centers. We have designated "on call" staff available to transport a dog to or from a vet in the event of an emergency day or not.

All dogs that come to our facility need to be current on their rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccinations. We require all owners bring in a copy of the veterinarian provided vaccinations for us to keep on file. We also require your dog to be on a monthly flea and tick preventative and a negative fecal exam within the last 6 months.

We require veterinarian documentation for proof of vaccines. A rabies tag from the county is not sufficient. We cannot accept breeder paperwork or vaccines given by a client.

We recognize many dogs require additional time in order to reach appropriate age/size to be spayed or neutered. We will work with clients that are under direction of a veterinarian regarding time frame for spaying and neutering. Please be aware that we cannot accept intact males who attempt to mount or otherwise harass other dogs. We cannot accept females in heat or showing any signs that they will come into heat soon. As pet care professionals, we highly recommend all pets be spayed or neutered in order to prevent many health/temperament concerns.

All the dogs in our facilities play interactively, in other words, your dog must get along well with other dogs. Aggressive behaviors are not acceptable at our dog daycare. We pride ourselves on having a positive environment that allows dogs to interact and play appropriately and have a safe, fun time. Our overnight dogs play in our daycare groups therefore we do not offer boarding for dogs that cannot play in group due to aggression issues.

Yes. Our trained staff will assess your dog on the morning of their first trial day of daycare. This short screening process is series of small exercises designed to assess the new dog's potential for aggressive behavior to determine their social development skills. We are looking for a dog that inquisitive or friendly when meeting a new friend, who can play well with other dogs, and does not pose a danger to himself or to other dogs. After your dog has this short screening, he must stay for the remainder of the day to continue the assessment in a group scenario. We are looking for different types of temperament in your dog (play level, shyness, etc.) Dogs must be able to play nicely. We must also assure that your dog is placed in the proper playgroup for their size/play style and age. At the end of their screening day, you will receive a report card letting you know how your dog did in group along with a picture.

Grooming, training, 1 on 1 time, overnight stay appointments can be made at anytime. Your dog can come to daycare and receive training, a bath, a groom, etc. and be ready by our 5PM pickup time. Please be aware that appointment slots are limited for these additional services. We strongly encourage calling in advance to schedule these appointments.

Our webcam host provider, Online Doggy streams live play time from our facilities right into your web browser. Alternatively, they've developed apps for both Android and IOS platforms. This means you can watch your pet play right on your smartphone or tablet. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for new pictures each day of dogs having fun at our facility. Keep your eyes peeled on your dog's trial day, you may see them appear on Facebook with some of their new buddies!

Of course! Our overnight guests are fed two meals a day and a third (lunch) upon request. Dogs staying with us for daycare can be fed a lunch upon request and/or a dinner (if staying for late pickup) upon request. Meals coming from home need to be stored in individual zip lock bags. Alternatively, we are pleased to feed your pet the house food, Beaverdam's Skippers Choice line.

Our evening pick up time frame is between 5:00pm - 6:30pm After this time our business hours end and our facility closes to the public. If you are unable to pick up by 6:30pm, we offer two late night pick up options:

  • Late Pick up 1: 9:00pm - 9:30pm
  • Late Pick up 2: 11:00pm - 11:30pm

If any dogs are not picked up by 11:30pm, they will be converted into an overnight stay and be able to be picked up the following morning during regular drop off/pick up hours. (Mon-Fri 6:30AM - 8:45AM, Sat/Sun 7:00AM - 8:45AM) Please be aware that late pick up is outside of business hours. We cannot process transactions after 6:30pm. Payment arrangements must be made prior to late pick up.

Yes, we do offer Emergency Drop-Off. Please note that this is for EMERGENCIES ONLY and must be scheduled in advance with payment for services arranged. Please be aware there is an EMERGENCY DROP FEE of $47 in addition to regular overnight and daycare rates.

We ask that you leave all of your dog's belongings at home. This is for hygienic and sanitary reasons. We are happy to provide a bed or blanket for your pet upon request. We do not permit toys or chews in group or with a dog individually as they pose a choking hazard. Remember, you are welcome to pack a favorite toy for your dog to have during their optional 1 on 1 time. This is a 20 minute supervised play period for your dog with one of our loving staff members.

Not usually, dogs learn by association, and they make associations whenever they are awake and interacting with their environment. The daycare environment is far different to being in their home environment.

Yes, all dogs are welcome. Owners need to certify that their pet(s) have not harmed or shown aggression toward any person or other pet. If a pet shows aggression, he/she may be expelled from daycare.

Any special food requirement your dog has will be no extra charge. Please provide enough food for the length of stay. Medication fees range from $2 to $3 depending on amount and type. If your pet requires more specialized care, please call us to discuss your pet's needs in more detail.

We offer prepaid packages for daycare and multi pet discounts. We also offer a 10% discount for all first responders (police, fire, military).

Yes! All ages are welcome. Our special needs/geriatric groups will receive more individualized and medical need specific care.

We understand that busy work and school loads make owning and training a puppy a difficult task these days. We accept puppies so long as they have had their rabies, bordetella, and distemper vaccination. Puppies who do not yet have their rabies due to their age will stay in our Geriatric/Special Needs area.

While we like to hope our loved ones will never get a scratch or a bruise, it is unlikely. Dogs have different pain receptors than humans, they also communicate differently than humans do. When we send our children to play on a playground, they climb on ladder and could slip, are pushed on the swings and may intentionally jump off. Accidents can happen on the playground. Our dogs are playing in their own type of playground and while extremely rough play is discouraged, it is highly unlikely that there will never be a scratch or nip. Dogs play with their paws and mouths, teeth and claws. Most dogs that come to daycare spend their time wrestling and chasing one another. Leaping, running, and sliding can bring on scratches or grass burn.

Feel free to give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop by for a visit during regular business hours.

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