Whether you have a new puppy or a mature dog, our new Best Friends Fur Ever/Blue Line K-9 Dog Training programs enrich the life of your dog, and your relationship with your dog.  Are you ready to become more involved and enjoy your dog?  


Our Ultimate Board-N-Train  Dog Training program uses multiple training methods designed to achieve the highest quality of training and canine companionship.  The Ultimate training program is for 6 months or older with no age limit.  First-time dog owners, active dog owners, working couples, growing families, retirees, you’ll find our training is geared to your lifestyle.

After completing our program, you’ll be able to enjoy your dog with control around distractions by them listening to real-life commands that you and your trainer agree upon, improve your dog’s socialization skills, and troubleshoot common issues.

Our new Ultimate Board-N-Train Dog Training Program consists of 10 consecutive days of training and boarding at either our Joppa or Cockeysville locations.


Do you have a new puppy between 16 weeks and 7 months old?  Your puppy’s behavior habits start soon after birth.  Why not build good habits from the start and really enjoy your puppy?

Our new rewards-based Ultimate Board-N-Train Puppy Boot Camp program consists of 10 consecutive days of training and boarding at either our Joppa or Cockeysville locations.  We’ll help your puppy build confidence, muscle memory, and good socialization skills.  After completing our Ultimate Puppy Boot Camp program, your puppy will walk nicely on a leash, react appropriately to stimuli, other dogs, and unfamiliar situations, and will sit, down stay, come, and walk well on loose leash.  You’ll participate in a private session at pickup and will be assigned “homework” to do with your pup.


Have you already completed our Ultimate program and want to reinforce your training throughout the year?  We offer Ultimate Day-N-Train and Ultimate Follow-Up Dog Training.  Our trainers will work with your dog to reinforce and continue to build their abilities and skill set.  You set the schedule – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. – we’ll handle the training.  We’ll give you a rundown at the end of the day to keep you in sync with your dog.


Ultimate Training Program ONLY Guarantee

Best Friends Fur Ever and Blue Line K-9, Inc. guarantee that if you make an honest effort to follow our instructions and do the easy homework with your dog, that we will train your dog to our Ultimate Training Program standards or training agreed upon in your contract.

What is Required from You?

  • Complete Full Program agreed upon between you and your trainer.
  • To put an honest effort to follow all training recommendations with your dog.
  • Complete all easy homework we provide to you.

If you have met the requirements above, and your dog’s behavior is not aligned with our Ultimate Training Program Standards as documented upon your first appointment, then we will return to continue working with the dog until the behavior is met.


Not sure if your dog is a candidate for our Ultimate Board-N-Train  Dog Training, Ultimate Puppy Boot Camp, or Ultimate Day-N-Train Follow Up Dog Training?  Call us.  We can perform a training evaluation that will inform you of your training options and setting goals for you and your dog.

To schedule your dog training evaluation, call our Training department at (410) 671-7529 , Ext. 832 for Joppa, (410) 773-7529, Ext. 833 for Cockeysville or schedule your training evaluation online.



Best Friends Fur Ever
Training Only

410-671-7529, ext 832


Our trainers will work with your dog on an individual basis throughout the entire program each training session is dependent on the goals and objectives agreed upon with the customer.

We utilize multiple training methods in order to achieve the highest quality of control in line with your needs and goals for your dog. Once we complete an initial assessment, the proposed program is then reviewed in detail and jointly agreed upon with you before launch.

Each member of our Training Team undergoes a six-month apprenticeship and intensive Boot Camp which covers all of the Blue Line K-9 programs. Also, every trainer is constantly assessed to ensure they are proficient in all aspects of the different training programs.

Yes. However, as part of our assessment and review process we work with you to ensure what environment is best for your dog.

Training provides socialization, stimuli and control.  It alleviates high stress, anxiety and other unwanted behaviors. Training with our team assists and accelerates the process of accomplishing these goals. Our methodology has a proven track record of success because, unlike other training programs, we strive to establish goals and objectives and work with our customers to understand what they are trying to achieve.

No. There are other options such as participating in our Daycare Program where you can drop off your dog in the morning and it would spend all or part of the day participating in its training agenda.

Yes. We have two state-of-the-art facilities open 24/7 where we can train and take care of your dog while you are away as it goes though the training program.

Yes. As a key member of the training process, you will actively participate in your dog’s training journey. This will be reviewed with you as part of the assessment.

Yes. We do offer a variety of individual refresher programs either as a single lesson or as part of a broader Day and Train instruction.

Yes. We offer a guarantee based on the premise that your dog successfully completes the Ultimate training program that was agreed upon.