As a pup parent, you know how important it is to give your four-legged family member the all the care and attention they need, but sometimes that may not be possible.  If you have a busy schedule like most dog owners, it can be difficult to make sure your pup is getting regular exercise, socialization, and human attention when you’re trying to juggle work, family, and other time-consuming obligations. If this sounds familiar, dog daycare may be an excellent option for you and your pup!  Here are seven reasons why you should consider sending your dog to daycare:

  1. Exercise – Like humans, daily exercise is important for a dog’s overall health. Multiple daycare play groups allow a stress-free environment where dogs of all sizes can run free and play several hours a day! The dogs are carefully evaluated and grouped together to optimize socialization, play, safety, and exercise. The exercise and stimulation your dog receives at daycare allows for a more positive home life! A pup who is active and playful during the day will naturally be more tired at night.  Tired dogs tend to be more happy, relaxed, and content, making their owners feel more happy, relaxed, and content as well.
  2. Supervised Playtime– Some owners are nervous about supervising dogs while they play because they aren’t sure which behaviors are potentially dangerous and which are appropriate play behaviors. Our Dog Daycare focuses on playgroups in a camp-like atmosphere under the watchful eyes of trained, caring professionals. Our staff is experienced with dog behaviors and trained to read canine body language ensuring they can take the appropriate steps to make sure that all dogs are comfortable and behaving in a safe and playful manner.
  3. Socialization – Like humans, dogs are social beings and benefit from positive interactions with other dogs. This socialization can also help to train your pup to be calmer and more relaxed during a variety of situations outside of daycare.
  4. Boredom Busting – Some owners don’t feel comfortable leaving their pups crated for eight hours a day but leaving them out of the crate can provide ample opportunities for dogs to become destructive or unsafe without supervision. Bored dogs will find ways to entertain themselves while you’re gone and that can be dangerous for the dog and destructive for your belongings. Dog daycare is an excellent option for keeping your pup happy, active, and safe throughout the day under the watchful eyes of well-trained and caring staff members.
  5. Routine – Dogs, like people, often thrive on routines. Dog daycare can help to provide your dog with a flexible but regular routine, even when your schedule is anything but routine.
  6. Human Contact – Some dogs (and owners) struggle with separation anxiety and loneliness when parted from their family. Dog daycare is a wonderful option for dogs who are far more comfortable in the company of humans and other dogs then they are when they are home alone. Being at daycare allows for loving human attention during play times as well as extra petting and cuddles for snuggly pups.
  7. Great for Busy Dog Owners – Dog owners often have very hectic lives that can leave them feeling bad about not being able to get home in time to take their dog out or be able to spend enough quality time interacting with their dog. Daycare allows dogs to have multiple opportunities to go out to potty and play throughout the day while their owner is away.

If you and your pup are ready to try dog daycare, visit our website or give us a call 410-671-7529 for more information or to sign up for your first day!