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Dog Grooming

Let us bring your dog’s beautiful coat to life!  Our professional groomers offer a full range of grooming services that make your dog look and smell wonderful!  We provide grooming services in a cage-free, carefully supervised environment.  All our grooming services are provided on an appointment basis.

Please Note: Certain factors can influence the total cost of grooming, bathing, and styling, including but not limited to, length and or condition of the coat, matted coat, aggressive or hard to handle dogs and dog size.


The time frame for grooming drop off is between 6:15AM-9:00Am (Cockeysville ONLY has a groomer on Thursdays!!  Joppa Tuesday thru Saturday)

A full bath with a blow dry and Ears, Nails and Anals. Along with clipping/trimming of your dog’s hair

We do not have a flat rate for grooming. It depends on the dog, the dog’s hair and if it is matted. Along with their size and how long their hair is.

The charge can vary depending on the type of services requested, size and breed of your dog. The typical services range from $40-$110.

The standard grooming includes haircut, nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, bath and dry.

Here at Joppa they are available Tuesday through Saturday. The drop off times for Tuesday through Friday are 6:15am-9am and on Saturday they are from 7am-9pm.