Why Does My Dog Dig?

Being a dog owner has many blessings and rewards, and to name them is a task that could take hours. However, with all the great joys that owning your dog offers, there are pitfalls that you might want to live without. Among these pitfalls, the biggest annoyance that most dog owners suffer from is the constant digging that their dog does. If you have ever wondered why your dog is digging so much, then the explanation you are searching for could be simpler than you imagine.

Here are some of the reasons your dog might be digging:

1. Hide Food and Toys

This is probably the most common reason that your dog digs. It is an instinctual trait in dogs to hide things that they will want at a later time. Typically, these include toys and food.

Although there is no immediate threat which would make your dog hide its toy, their natural tendency is to put it somewhere safe. The same reasoning is more true concerning its food. Protecting its food is a necessity for all animals living in the wild; therefore, it is natural for your dog to follow its evolutionary programming.

Digging holes for hiding becomes an even bigger hassle when you realize that your dog will dig up the stuff that they buried later. This shouldn’t be a big issue; however, they sometimes sniff out old holes that have already been looted by them; thus, making a complete mess of your yard.

2. Boredom or Stress Relief

Sometimes boredom is the obvious cause of why your dog is digging. Being a dog has its advantages, but one of the drawbacks is that it can become incredibly boring. Sitting around and being pampered isn’t everything that it is cracked up to be. Eventually, your dog will find ways to entertain itself. Digging offers your dog the opportunity to let off steam.

If boredom is the reason your dog is digging, then there are some easy fixes that can help stop it. First, you could try getting them some toys that will keep them entertained. If that doesn’t help, then you might try giving them more exercise, such as going for walks or chasing a ball while playing fetch. As a final attempt to stop the digging, you might want to get them a playmate to keep them busy. Of course, getting an extra dog to keep your first dog company could backfire, and you could end up with more holes than you originally had.

3. Trying to Escape

Your dog trying to escape could be the reason he is digging. Check the location where the digging is happening to determine if it is plotting an escape route. You might think your dog would never want to leave you, but sometimes the attraction of all the happenings going on in the neighborhood is simply too strong to resist. Also, your dog’s keen sense of smell offers a continuous stream of new odors that could be urging them to escape. It could be that your dog is in heat and is trying to escape to meet a new romantic partner.

In conclusion, these are some of the most obvious reasons why your dog likes to dig. Dogs are complicated animals and the reason each dog digs will be different. Pay close attention to your dog, and you will discover what their particular reason for digging is. When you learn why they are digging, it’s a simple matter to offer them a solution that will stop the digging while keeping your dog happy.