3 05, 2019

Why You Should Send Your Dog to Daycare

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Dog's need mental stimulation.  When they don't get that stimulation, they get bored. When they get bored, they get creative and start to do things around the house you don't want them doing. Here is a great video we have describing the importance of socialization for your dog.  Take a couple minutes to watch and share with a friend who might benefit from this information. WATCH NOW

18 04, 2019

Assisted Canine Care

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HELPING CARE FOR BELLA - Assisting Canine Care Case Study Preface This is a story about one of our clients who utilized our daycare services to help her monitor her dog during its recuperation following a medical emergency.  Although this example illustrates an extreme case, it underscores the need for dog owners to have options for assisted care for their dogs while the owner works and their dog recuperates.   Executive Summary In 2018, Bella Zbozny, a 7-year-old German shepherd, sustained a spinal stroke and suffered paralysis of her hind quarters.  Her owner, Jennifer, brought Bella to Best Friends [...]

31 03, 2019

Easter Hazards

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Easter is a fun-filled time for you and your family.  However, when you have a dog, there may be hidden dangers lurking in those Easter baskets! Vets and poison hotlines receive hundreds of calls during the Easter holiday for illness and possible poisoning.  Why are calls so high on Easter, even more so than Christmas or Halloween?   You guessed it – The Easter Egg Hunt! That’s right, while the tradition of hiding and hunting eggs and treats is fun for human kids, it can be dangerous for the canine kids. Below are some of the Easter things to keep up [...]

12 03, 2019

Facility Enhancements at Joppa & Cockeysville

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Did you know about all of the enhancements we've made at our Cockeysville and Joppa locations? New Turf at Cockeysville  - Best Friends Fur Ever made a six-figure investment in replacing all the turf at the facility which will enhance both safety and provide a more enjoyable experience for our four-legged clients. Joppa Lanai Renovation - Completed renovation of the upper deck including new surface which will enhance safety and the playing experience. New Fountains at Joppa and Cockeysville - We installed two new custom-decorated stone fountains which will keep our clients cool in the summer and provide a great play [...]

12 03, 2019

Is a treat a reward or is it a bribe?

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A treat can be a bribe or a reward depending on when it is given.  Timing is everything. If you have your dog’s attention and ask the dog to complete a command and he does it, you then take the treat out of your pocket and offer it, that is a reward. If you are offering the treat up front, the dog sees it, and then you make the command, this is called luring or bribery.  It is not a reward.  You are telling your dog that you have a nice little treat if he performs a certain command. Bribery [...]