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Jag We are happy to announce Jag found his forever home! Jag is a new foster for FARM. He is a 13 week old lab/Border Collie/Lab/Golden Retriever mix. Jag is very active and intelligent like a Border Collie and loves to explore the world with his mouth like the Retrievers.  He enjoys playing with his foster siblings a 12 year old Australian Shepherd, a 2 year old Shepherd mix, and a 1 year old lab. Jag is crate trained and is age appropriately housebroken. Jag is currently in our puppy training at Best Friends Fur Ever. Jag is [...]


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Meet Penny Beautiful Penny is looking for her forever home. This sweet girl is a 1 year old, 17-pound female Dachshund mix. She is a happy outgoing girl who loves attention. Penny has done well with other dogs her own size so far. Penny is currently being fostered at Best Friends Fur Ever and plays in the teeny dog group.  Penny loves playing with the other dogs and can frequently be seen hanging out with Snuggles.  She has adjusted well to the change in routine but would love a home to call her own.  Can you give our [...]


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Meet Hunter Hunter came to FARM in need of a forever home. He is a 5-year-old, 8-pound neutered male Yorkie. Hunter quickly bonds to his human and then becomes very protective. He is looking for a single person home. Hunter is very affectionate with his person and has done well with other dogs his size. Hunter is currently being fostered at Best Friends Fur Ever.  He plays in our teeny dog group.  We have found that Hunter can become protective of his people and what he deems his area (crate, bed) but does well with the overall group.  [...]


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Meet Snuggles We are happy to announce Snuggles found his forever home! Snuggles came to FARM in need of a forever home. He is a one year old, 10-pound Pom/Chi mix. Snuggles is comfortable with strangers and will snap/bite if he is scared.  Once he warms up to Snuggles is very affectionate.  He can be leery about being picked up.  We anticipate that he may take a while to settle into a new environment. Snuggles is currently being fostered at Best Friends Fur Ever.  He has warmed up too many of the staff and does well with our [...]


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Meet Cuddy Cuddy is approximately a 9-year-old neutered male. Cuddy is very sweet but can be a bit shy. He will open up once he gets to know you and becomes comfortable. He loves squeaky toys and is very playful, and although he is a big fella, he has mastered his leash training skills.  Cuddy does have canine elbow dysplasia and is currently on medication for pain management. Cuddy came to Best Friends from BARCS in June of 2018 with his brother who has since passed over the rainbow bridge. Cuddy does prefer people over the company of [...]