Why Does My Dog Dig?

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Why Does My Dog Dig? Being a dog owner has many blessings and rewards, and to name them is a task that could take hours. However, with all the great joys that owning your dog offers, there are pitfalls that you might want to live without. Among these pitfalls, the biggest annoyance that most dog owners suffer from is the constant digging that their dog does. If you have ever wondered why your dog is digging so much, then the explanation you are searching for could be simpler than you imagine. Here are some of the reasons your dog might [...]

7 Reasons to Send Your Dog to Daycare

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As a pup parent, you know how important it is to give your four-legged family member the all the care and attention they need, but sometimes that may not be possible.  If you have a busy schedule like most dog owners, it can be difficult to make sure your pup is getting regular exercise, socialization, and human attention when you’re trying to juggle work, family, and other time-consuming obligations. If this sounds familiar, dog daycare may be an excellent option for you and your pup!  Here are seven reasons why you should consider sending your dog to daycare: Exercise [...]

K9Grass at Best Friends Fur Ever

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K9Grass® Coming to Best Friends Fur Ever Joppa Best Friends Fur EverSM installing K9Grass by ForeverLawn® “Best Friends Fur Ever is proud of its history and ongoing commitment to ensure that our facilities maintain our “state-of-the-art” status and appearance. In an ongoing effort to ensure our leadership position as the premier dog daycare and overnight resort, we are making a significant new investment at our Joppa facility. Beginning in September, we will be replacing the entire back play area with K9Grass by ForeverLawn. We believe this will greatly enhance the experience of our four-legged guests while providing a safe [...]

National Pet Fire Safety Day – Are you prepared for an emergency?

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July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, a day to remind pet parents to be aware of ways pets can accidentally start fires, how to prevent them, and how to be prepared in the event of a home fire with pets in the dwelling. Recent data suggests that each year over 500,000 pets are affected by home fires and pets accidentally cause nearly 1,000 fires each year. “Not many pet owners realize that their pet can actually be the cause of a devastating fire,” said AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson.  “Simple preventative measures, such as flameless candles and stove knob [...]

Facility Enhancements at Joppa & Cockeysville

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Did you know about all of the enhancements we've made at our Cockeysville and Joppa locations? New Turf at Cockeysville  - Best Friends Fur Ever made a six-figure investment in replacing all the turf at the facility which will enhance both safety and provide a more enjoyable experience for our four-legged clients. Joppa Lanai Renovation - Completed renovation of the upper deck including new surface which will enhance safety and the playing experience. New Fountains at Joppa and Cockeysville - We installed two new custom-decorated stone fountains which will keep our clients cool in the summer and provide a great play [...]