18 04, 2019

Assisted Canine Care

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HELPING CARE FOR BELLA - Assisting Canine Care Case Study Preface This is a story about one of our clients who utilized our daycare services to help her monitor her dog during its recuperation following a medical emergency.  Although this example illustrates an extreme case, it underscores the need for dog owners to have options for assisted care for their dogs while the owner works and their dog recuperates.   Executive Summary In 2018, Bella Zbozny, a [...]

31 03, 2019

Easter Hazards

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Easter is a fun-filled time for you and your family.  However, when you have a dog, there may be hidden dangers lurking in those Easter baskets! Vets and poison hotlines receive hundreds of calls during the Easter holiday for illness and possible poisoning.  Why are calls so high on Easter, even more so than Christmas or Halloween?   You guessed it – The Easter Egg Hunt! That’s right, while the tradition of hiding and hunting eggs and treats is [...]

8 03, 2019

Puppy Socialization Safety Standards

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When working with your puppy, always remember to be safe and sensible. To help give your puppy the best possible learning experiences while protecting them from harm, read and follow our Puppy Socialization Safety Standards. Work closely with your veterinarian and keep your puppy current on his vaccinations. Wait at least seven days after your puppy’s first set of vaccinations before you begin a puppy class or visit a new place. Until your puppy is fully vaccinated, avoid [...]

8 02, 2019

Our Assisted Canine Care Ward – A Very Special Place

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Best Friends Fur EverSM has a passion for all dogs, but there is a special place in our hearts for our geriatric, post-surgical, and special needs dogs. We offer an Assisted Canine CareSM ward at both of our locations to care for these dogs for daycare and overnight accommodations. As owners of Best Friends Fur Ever, Pat and I have always adopted geriatric dogs into our home for the past 30 years. When we opened our first location [...]

15 01, 2019

New Best Friends Fur Ever/Blue Line K-9 Training Programs

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Our NEW Best Friends Fur Ever/Blue Line K-9 Dog Training Programs have started!!! Whether you have a new puppy or a mature dog, our new Best Friends Fur Ever/Blue Line K-9 Dog Training programs enrich the life of your dog, and your relationship with your dog.  Are you ready to become more involved and enjoy your dog?  Call our Training department at (601) 255-7361, Ext. 832 for Joppa, Ext. 833 for Cockeysville to schedule your training evaluation. Learn more [...]