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Owner, Best Friends Fur Ever The Best Friends Fur Ever family of dog care facilities provides resort-style daycare and vacations for dogs, by combining home-like amenities and loving attention with recreational activity. Our state-of-the-art properties are custom designed to meet and exceed all kennel industry standards for boarding, grooming, training, and doggie daycare.
9 10, 2018

Why Send Your Puppy to Daycare?

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Puppies go through a critical socialization period between 8-16 weeks of age that impacts their behavior for the rest of their lives. Bringing your pup to play with us for dog daycare at Best Friends Fur Ever helps during this critical time by providing human and canine socialization in addition to activities that help to stimulate their growing brains. Experiences puppies encounter between 8-16 weeks of age become normal and accepted to the puppy, which is why Best Friends Fur Ever takes pups of all ages with age appropriate shots. Socializing your dog at a young age can also help [...]

3 10, 2018

All Dogs Welcome Program at Best Friends Fur Ever

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Best Friends Fur Ever is a place where your dog can socialize with other dogs and get lots of exercise during the day. Unfortunately, for many years we were not able to include all of our fur friends due to temperament, medical issue or age. We did not have the programs, support or space needed to accommodate all of our special friends' needs. However . . . WE DO NOW! We are excited to share that we have developed, through years of experience and research, a program that can confidently provide socialization assessment options for almost ALL DOGS. Most dog parents [...]

5 07, 2018

Top 10 Things to Look For When Choosing a Daycare/Boarding

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Top 10 Things to Look For When Choosing a Daycare/Boarding Experience for Your Dog Here are our top 10 things you should look for when you select a daycare/boarding provider for your best friend. 1. Can I have a tour? Ask the daycare owner or manager for a tour of the facility. It's a good idea to see that the environment your dog will be hanging out in is clean and properly sanitized. You'll also want to learn about the safety precautions the owner has put in place. Top Dog Day Care Safety Features:  Ventilation - Make sure fresh air [...]

26 04, 2018

Tips for Boarding Your Dog for the First Time

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Do you have a new puppy you’re scared to leave for the first time? Or maybe your dog has separation anxiety, and you’re hesitant about boarding in general. Either way, we can give you some easy tips to make the process a little easier for you. Pack their favorite things Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog that is super attached, bringing along some reminders from home can help. Pack a blanket or stuffed animal that smells like home, or maybe one of your t-shirts that smells like you! Reserve in Advance Boarding facilities often fill up [...]

26 04, 2018

The Health Benefits of Canine Massage

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Author:  Katie Finlay  Canine massage therapy is a form of alternative therapy, the benefits of which may include relaxation, increased oxygenation, relief from pain, improved joint flexibility, as well as miscellaneous benefits to the immune system. It uses touch to maintain or improve both physical and emotional well-being. The benefits of massage have long been studied in humans and the results in animals are proving to be the same. Massaging your dog might sound a bit strange to some, but it can greatly improve the quality of life for both of you. Not only can it be used as a [...]